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Hair Extension Specialist: How Much I Can Earn Doing Hair Extensions?

The fantasy of having long and luxurious hair is like wanting to be rich and famous – we’d do anything to achieve it. Clients request tips for growing their hair all the time and yes you have probably shared and tried them all but one thing is tried and true – hair can be extended within a matter of hours. By becoming a Hair Extensions Specialist you will be in high demand with the income to match and I bet you want to know how. Check out our Hair Extension Gallery to see how Hair-Extension are done at Pretty Woman School.

Hair Extension Specialist jobs can possibly be the most fun job you will ever do. Not only do you get to work with your usual clientele but you can extend your client base by working with higher paying clients who simply want you to extend their hair for either the night or for the next month. Sounds easy doesn’t it? As a specialist you will be able to price all of your services based on the time, hair types, tools, and their desired look. For those reasons no price will ever be the same; it’s custom pricing. During initial consultations, you as the artist will determine the best form of hair extensions based on their day to day lifestyle, the amount of time they want to spend on their hair and their budget, and what type of installation that would like. Installation types include micro rings aka microlinks aka fusion, tape, and weaving. All of which goes into effect for the cost as well.

Now for the fun part; installation types that can help you earn close to $1,000 per service.
Tape or sometimes clip in extensions are on the lower price tier. This service involves tapping or clipping hair in between the client’s natural hair to create more volume and length around the perimeter. This is a quick installation that can be priced as low as $100 or $200.
The next service is weaving or the sew-in method. For this instal, it can take a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4 hours. This technique involves either braiding the natural hair and weaving on top of the braid or either pulling the hair into a snug ponytail, applying a net on top of the hair and weaving on top of the net. It’s a longer process which is why the price can be as low as $200 or up to $600.
Micro rings, microlinks or beading installations are pretty pricey. They can start as low $200 and go to well over $1,000. You’re probably asking why and the reason is that it is a technique that involves individually bonding very close to the scalp, then seamlessly blending the hair extensions onto the person’s natural hair.

There are a lot more installation techniques that you can choose to specialize in as a career Hair Extension Specialist, but those are the most requested installations that allow you to make up to $1,000 per service. Did I forget to mention that if you go full force in this career, you can also upcharge all your services by offering packages that include better quality hair to your clients? Pretty cool right – and it’s all because your customers who have always wanted longer hair are now able to get it to them thanks to you.

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