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Hair Extensions Class

Learn How To Make $400 – $1000 In 2 Hours

Two-day Hands-on Training

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Our microblading course

hair extension program



Two-Day Course

Hair Extensions



Two-Weeks Online

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Two-Day Course

Join our course and receive your certificate at the end of the program. With our certified program, you will learn the following:


  • Hair types and structure overview
  • How to choose right type of hair for extension
  • The most popular hair extensions techniques
  • Contraindication for hair extensions
  • Tools
  • Color matching
  • Capsules layout sectioning
  • Capsule formation and placement
  • Hair extensions care
  • Harmless hair extensions removal
  • Marketing tips


  • Capsulation
  • Hair extensions
  • Adaptive haircut
  • Correction

Hair Extensions Online Training

Consists of 19 video lessons. You will receive the task for self-practice after each lesson. Our teacher will support you during the whole program. We will mail you the training kit at the start and your certificate after graduating the course. Please note that we don’t cover the mailing costs.

The program of the course includes lessons:

  1. Introduction to the course. Material overview, theory, performance technique
  2. Touch-up
  3. Demonstration on a live client
  4. Tape-in hair extensions system. Demonstration.

You can learn at your own pace, the access is valid during 2 weeks.

Why Choose Us?

At our school, we do not believe in cramming as many students into a class as possible. We prefer to have fewer students so we can give each one the attention they need to fully master every aspect of the course. That is why our students go on to be sought after professionals in their field.

Any aspect of makeup and beauty comes with an element of risk, and an important part of all of our courses is teaching our students how to minimize the risk and what to do if something does go wrong. In addition to the hair extension techniques taught in our classes, we cover the following:

  • Health and safety guidelines and regulations
  • How to set up your workspace and organize your tools so you can work both safely and efficiently
  • Ensuring that your client is informed of the risks and benefits of the procedure they have booked you for
  • Creating a safe, comfortable experience for your client
  • Skin allergies and irritations, and how to avoid and/or treat them
  • Knowing when a procedure is not a good fit for a client, and how to make alternative recommendations
  • Knowing how to recommend an aftercare regime that is right for the client and the procedure

We want nothing but the best for our students, and that includes the tools they work with. Our course fee includes all of the materials and equipment you will need in order to learn, including:

  • Hot fusion machine
  • Hair extension removal tool
  • Training mannequin and practice hair
  • Different kinds of hair extensions
  • Sectioning comb
  • Scalp protector
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Why you should take our courses

We have collected the top beauty industry trainings so you could get one of the most highly-paid professions on the market. Receive your international certificate and start moving towards you financial independence!

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Average cost of the procedure
Weekly Income: 7 clients per week
Monthly Income: Tips not included
Annual Income: Tips not included


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Affordable Prices

Because of the experience we have been collecting for over 10 years, we are now proud to be able to combine the highest quality training with one of the lowest prices in the industry.



All our graduates will get internationally approved lifetime certificates, so you can start charging your clients up to $600 per session. No previous experience necessary.


Use PayPal credit to finance the entire payment for your courses, then make payments to Paypal monthly.
If paid within six months there’s no interest fee.
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Cover only 50% of you course fee and pay our the rest during the next 3 months. Social security and ID required.
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