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How to Create a 6 Figure Income and Be Your Own Boss in the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is one that allows you to make either a livable income of $10,000 per month to over 6 figures per year. It’s all up to you and how you choose the career that suits both your passion and financial goals.

To start, the most common career that men and women choose are hairstylists and barbers. Both of these professions are time-consuming and most often start off at the low end for service charges. However, if you are really talented and well sought out then you can definitely increase your prices per service. If you are about a few years into your career, you can charger as low as $20 per person for a haircut and as low as $50 for color treatment. If you work 5 days a week and you see 20 clients per day, 15 of them are haircuts and 5 of them are color clients then you can make 6000 a month for haircuts 5000 a month for colors. So before taxes, you are making $132,000 a year and that is on the low end. By pricing your services on the lower end you can build up your clientele and then gradually increase your prices as your skill level increases and your demand for services increases.

Have you noticed the increased number of people wearing faux eyelashes? Women and some men are wearing faux lashes as if it were lip balm and their eyes depended on it. Rather it is lash strips and individual lashes, almost everyone cannot live without these gorgeous eye-enhancing accessories which are why becoming an eyelash extension specialist can be so lucrative. With the trend on the rise and the number of vendors increasing daily so is the demand for eyelash extension specialists. As a professional, you can charge as low as $150 per set, book 4 clients a day, and only working 3 days a week. That is a grand total of $9,600 per month and per $115,200 per year before taxes.

The next career that is newer but highly sought after is microblading. Microblading artists have the most artistic, precise, and time-consuming job in the beauty industry. Like makeup artistry, the clients who request this type of service are seeking to look flawless – perfection is a must. When microblading artists are just starting off they price their services on the lower end of $500 per service to build their client list while taking as long as 2-3 hours on just 1 client. Yes, 1 client. The reason being that microblading is not just tattooing an eyebrow where the natural eyebrow already is, but it is about mimicking the existent shape, creating a new eyebrow shape, or simply accentuating and making the eyebrows appear fuller. If an eyebrow artist decides to become full time and has 4 clients a day on a 4 day work week, he or she can make an eye-bulging $307,200 a year before taxes. That’s a pretty nice and beyond livable income for a career based on the passion that also doesn’t require a college degree.

With several career paths to choose from, one would wonder, ‘which one do I love the most?’ When you figure this out then it will make choosing a career in beauty very easy.

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