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Lamination of Natural Eyelashes

Lamination of natural eyelashes is gaining more and more popularity with clients. It makes natural eyelashes 1.5 times thicker, stronger and they acquire an intensity of colour and shine from the roots to the ends. The maximum effect is achieved by a complex impact, consisting of three procedures, once every 4-5 weeks.
Lamination of natural eyelashes is rightly considered to be a premium-class treatment, a 5* procedure! Clients feel its advantages straight away:
– Natural products mean no strong or unpleasant smells;
– A spa effect in a lasher’s treatment room along with background music contribute to the clientele’s relaxation
– The procedure only takes 40 minutes.
Lamination is applied using materials of the British brand Nouveau — LVL (insert logo) (L — long; V — volume; L — lifting).
Picture of the products with identifying numbers

Step 1. Cover lower lashes with hydrogel-based pads.
Step 2. Remove grease from natural lashes.
Step 3. Attach silicone curlers on the upper eyelid, having selected the right size.
Step 4. Stick natural lashes onto the curlers, carefully laying them parallel to each other, avoiding them crossing in the roots area.
Step 5. Apply Product №1 to the roots area. The exposure time depends on the type of natural lashes and is set by the lasher (7-12 minutes). At the end of the exposure the product is removed from the eyelashes with a dry micro brush. We then create a spa-effect and activate the colour pigment.

Remember! The procedure can be successful even without a spa-effect, but it makes it more attractive and enables a quicker reaction of Product №1. That’s why the exposure time can be reduced by 2 minutes. For example, the lasher believes the product should be absorbed for 10 minutes; if a spa-effect is achieved, the exposure time will be 8 minutes.

Step 6. We cover the client’s face around the eyes with a clear cling film and place hot sponges.
Step 7. Keep it warm with a flannel.
Step 8. Add the colour pigment and oxidiser into the silicone ring (1 to 2).
Step 9. Thoroughly mix the components and let the mixture stand for a while.
Step 10. Apply Product №2 to the roots area of the eyelashes. The exposure time is half of the exposure time of Product №2. Then remove the product from the eyelashes with a dry micro brush.

For example, if the lasher set the exposure time of Product №1 to 10 minutes, and let it absorb for 8 minutes because of the spa-effect, Product №2 should be absorbed for 5 minutes.

Be careful and pay attention! Work only with eyelashes! No products or colour pigments should make any contact with the eyelid.

Step 11. Apply an activated colour pigment to the eyelashes. To achieve the maximum colour intensity let the pigment absorb for 3-6 minutes.
Step 12. Remove the colour pigment with a dry micro brush.
Step 13. Apply Product №3 to the eyelashes.
Step 14. Remove curlers.
Step 15. Comb the eyelashes with a plastic brush, removing anything extra.
Step 16. Place hydrogel-based pads under the lower eyelashes. And after a standard de-greaser application, put the same activated colour pigment as on the upper lashes. Remove the pigment with micro brushes when the exposure time runs out.
We recommend that in the first 24 hours after the lamination procedure clients avoid contact of the eyelashes with water, with LVL serum used afterwards as part of the eyelash care programme. This product is intended for personal use at home and can prolong the effect while keeping natural lashes healthy.

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