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Make $2,000 Per Day: Tips and Tricks To Start a New Career as a Microblading Specialist

When it comes to picking and choosing a career in beauty most choose the top 3; makeup artist, hair stylist and esthetician however they are missing the untouched gem with beyond belief of financial freedom, a microblading specialist. A microblading specialist career is so untouched because #1 Not everyone can afford a 3 figure eyebrow service and #2 Not every beauty professional is comfortable with needles. Granted there are more reasons to choose this career but making 6 figures a year in the beauty industry and only working part time is almost unheard of.

Microblading is a form of permanent makeup artistry that is commonly done on the eyebrows. This permanent makeup consists of injecting pigment into the skin, creating hair-like strokes in between the brow hair that both mimic the appearance of your natural color and growth pattern. It’s basically the best 2 hours in a chair that your client will have to reach the eyebrow goals that they never thought possible. Now here is the rewarding part; from 1 client alone in a 2 hour session you can earn $500. Did you read that correctly? That is $500 for only 2 hours a work on one person which is nearly unheard of for most beauty industry professionals. Let’s talk about that a bit more.

Being a microblader allows you to both express yourself as both a makeup artist and tattoo artist. I say tattoo artist because you are injecting ink into the skin but it’s also makeup artistry because you are creating all types of eyebrow shapes for multiple people of different backgrounds and different hair types. It’s amazing because not one shape will ever look the same on any client therefore if clients request the same shape, no one will actually look the same since there are many technicalities that go into it. Technicalities include the space in between both eyebrows, the natural shape, the space in between the eyelid and the eyebrow and the actual length of the eyebrows. So the more that you perform microblading services, the more comfortable you will become and the more comfortable you are the more clients you can take on in, resulting in more money.

In reference to our previous article “10 Reasons To Become a Microblading Artist”, reason #10 specifically, there are more of the financial rewards that you can look forward to when you choose to become a microblading artist. Emphasis on the fact that you can make $2,000 a day, imagine making $10,000 working 5 days a week. With $10,000 per week, $40,000 a month you can actually quit your day job that pays you $35k or $45k a year, start to pay off those pesky college loans, decrease your credit card debt, and pay your rent or mortgage months in advance. Now imagine within 6 months you decided that you wanted to hire an assistant because you are now booked solid for another 6 months where you are pretty much guaranteed to make $240,000 before taxes and work related expenses. It feels like a dream that no one ever thought was possible. Normally in the beauty industry a person will have to work 12 hour shifts, 6 days a week behind the chair and take on more clients doing at home services. Whew. That is a lot. We can share so many success stories of our grads at Pretty Woman School.

The thing is, everyone was taught to go to college, get a degree and work for someone else’s company for 40 plus years. For 40 years of their life these very same individuals hope to retire with a stake in that company, a 15 year retirement savings account all the while penny pinching for the remainder of their life because they are simply tired of working. But when you follow your passion in the beauty industry and see and experience earning $2,000 a day as a part time or full time microblading specialist, a happy and financially well off life is worth that initial $1,500 training course investment. Besides the end reward is that you get to help clients achieve their most sought out eyebrow goals and you love what you do professionally. Check the schedule to enroll to start your career in beauty industry now.

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