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Microblading Training Online. 5 Things You Need To Know.

You prepared yourself for a lucrative career in makeup artistry by becoming a microblading artist. Yes, there is a pandemic occurring but there is still a possibility for you to make a lasting impression with new microblading clients by taking this online course. In this online course (and hopefully soon to come again, the hands on course) we will teach you how to use the microblading machine, blades, pens, ink cups and pigments. You will also be shown how to accurately measure the ideal eyebrow shape on both symmetrical and asymmetrical face shapes as well as draw with the microfiber brushes pencil. If you have a model, kudos. That means you are one step ahead since you are able to use these tools on a different skin type.

To prepare you want to make sure that you have allocated enough time for learning. Due to the fact that you will not be having the traditional hands on experience, you want to make sure that you have a designated space. A designated space can be a room in your home, shared open office or local coffee shop that are free of noise and has enough space (and electrical outlets) for you to operate all the tools. A designated space is key so you will not be distracted nor tempted to take care of your day to day duties. Concentration and focus are a must.

The next thing you want to do is take notes. By taking notes on each course it means that you are serious. No one has identical twins as eyebrows instead they are fraternal therefore you want to make sure that you are paying attention to how the space in between eyebrows are measured, the length for each brow and the height of the arch. Also, be sure to not thay every shape and style will be for a specific type of client. Face charts will be incorporated because no man or woman has the same face shape nor hair type so each pattern will be different.

Next thing you want to take into account is the time it takes for each eyebrow service. If you are an experienced microblading artist it may take you 2 hours. If you’re a newbie, it can take 3 hours. Rather you are new to microblading or taking this course as a refresher, you want to make sure that you come off to the client as an experienced microblading artist. No client wants to sit in the chair more nervous than what they already are.

The last thing all students of the microblading online course should take a mental note of is that the amount of money that you invested is only a small amount compared to your potential income. The amount of money you can take in is totally up to you.

Microblading is the new go to for clients who struggle with their eyebrows. It’s a semi-permanent solution to keep eyebrows perfect on any and every occasion. Rather your clients have normal lives or they are international celebrities, they will definitely reach out and refer friends and family to you for this service. However, before you start booking clients, this is what you need to do in order to prepare yourself for your online training course.

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