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3-Day Course




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Microblading Classes In Los Angeles

No matter where you live or what generation you are part of, there is always a demand for qualified makeup and beauty professionals. Women and men alike feel good when they look their best, whether they are off to work, attending a wedding, or hosting a casual party.

Some people enjoy applying their own makeup; others don’t have the time, materials or skill to create the look they would really like. Both of these groups can benefit from professional microblading – which is why, by attending microblading courses, you can help fill a crucial demand.

Microblading Online Class

Consists of 5 video lessons. You will receive the task for self-practice after each lesson. Our teacher will support you during the whole program. We will mail you the training kit at the start and your certificate after graduating the course. Please note that we don’t cover the mailing costs.

The program of the course includes lessons:

  1. Introduction to the course, kit and instructor
  2. Mapping and shaping
  3. Coloristic
  4. Strokes
  5. Procedure of microblading

You can learn at your own pace, the access is valid during 2 weeks.

What Topics Are Covered In Our Microblading School?

By the time you have completed the classes at our eyebrow microblading school, you will be able to help your clients achieve the eyebrow look that is just right for them. With our focus on safety, style and technique, you will be well on your way to being a sought-after makeup and beauty specialist. Best of all, you will be able to earn a good income doing something that involves both skill and creativity.

Some of the skills you will have the opportunity to learn and practice include:

  • The art of creating realistic hair-strokes of different thicknesses
  • Determining the “right” brow shape for different face shapes
  • Evaluating a client’s features and wishes and drawing the perfect eyebrow shape
  • Preparing a comfortable, safe environment for you and your client
  • Hygiene and sanitation
  • Health and safety considerations and regulations
  • Placement of hair strokes
  • The use of different pigments, and how to mix the perfect colours
  • Color correction and removal techniques
  • Understanding how microblading tools work and how to use them
  • The anatomy of the skin
  • Identifying skin conditions and scarring that may impact the procedure
  • Preventing and treating skin infections
  • Aftercare: advising your client on the healing process and post-prodecure care
  • Making the most of the follow-up/touch up session
  • Common microblading mistakes and how to avoid them

The microblading courses include all of the materials you will need to learn and practice, such as:

  • Microblading blades and pen
  • Ink cups and pigments
  • A measuring brow guide ruler
  • Practice skins

At our microblading school, we do not simply show you what to do. We teach you the science behind it, to give you an all-round understanding of why the colours and techniques work the way they do, the reasoning behind the health and safety regulations, and why different looks work on different skin tones and facial features. We also provide you with plenty of opportunities to learn by doing, which means you will leave with microblading certification and some hands-on experience.

If you are ready to learn a new and exciting skill, call us today to reserve your spot in the best microblading classes in Los Angeles.

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Why you should take our courses

We have developed extensive programs so you could get one of the most highly-paid professions on the market. Get your international certificate with us and start moving towards you financial independence!

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Weekly Income: 7 clients per week
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All our graduates will get internationally approved lifetime certificates, so you can start charging your clients up to $600 per session. No previous experience necessary.


Use PayPal credit to finance the entire payment for your courses, then make payments to Paypal monthly.
If paid within six months there’s no interest fee.
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Cover only 50% of you course fee and pay our the rest during the next 3 months. Social security and ID required.
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Secure your spot with a $150 deposit. Deposit is non-refundable, but you can reschedule your class.

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Here are the links you need to get your blood-borne pathogens testing and certification as well as application for a body art practitioner through the health dept prior to starting class.

$25 Register

1. 2 Hour animated video
2. Take test
3. Print / email certification

$50 Application

1. Body art
2. Practitioners application
3. Passport photo
4. Hep B vax declination form
5.Copy of ID