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Alena Nyrkova studied art but used to be a professional actress and producer. Despite her fascination with cinematography, Alena has always been passionate about business. While living in California during the past five years, she founded and developed three different businesses, all of which are very successful.

In 2017, Alena met Alena Man and all stars aligned. Ever since then, Alena fully realized herself in business as well as producing. Nowadays she’s successfully promoting Alena Man’s school abroad and is leading Pretty Woman School in California.

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Shima started her career in permanent makeup around 6 years ago in Iran. While living in Southern California over the past 5 years, she certified in multiple training programs including microblading, Eyeliner, Lip blush, and tattoo removal. Her goal is to gain knowledge in every area of permanent makeup while she continues to invest in herself in the everchanging field.

Shima’s vast knowledge, including training in the most up to date services, allows her to transform her clients into their best selves. She is extremely passionate, driven and enthusiastic which contributes to her clients feeling beautiful inside and out. After years of dedication and commitment, she is now training students, makings sure they are proficient in permanent makeup at its finest.

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Before stepping into the World of Makeup and Beauty, I worked as a lawyer and defended people’s rights in court. I never thought, that life would pleasantly surprise me and I would become a makeup artist one day. It all started with my dream of freedom to create art and use my talent to do magnificent work!

I began my journey by studying makeup at a school of Goar Avetisyan in Moscow. This is one of the best makeup schools in Russia. Goar Avetisyan is a world’s famous, accomplished makeup artist (she has 6.7M followers on IG: goar_avetisyan). Now, that I have been involved in the industry for many years, I feel extremely proud of my work in the production of TV commercials, fashion shows and artistic photoshoots for various fashion and beauty magazines. I am proud of creating my own technique called “Step-by-Step” and «Mix Everything». I successfully teach my students all my techniques and beauty secrets.

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I started my professional career as a lawyer, but deep in my heart, I always knew I had a great passion for makeup. Truth is, I wasn’t brave enough to turn it into a profession. I thought it probably would be a rough path, especially in the beginning, and for a long time I treated the art of makeup as a hobby.

Finally I couldn’t deny my strong desire to learn makeup professionally and turn it into my new career. I graduated from a makeup school knowing that being a makeup artist is “my destiny“! I took a few of Goar Avetisyan’s Masterclasses (a world’s famous, accomplished makeup artist, she has 6.7M followers on IG: goar_avetisyan). I specifically remember that during one of her Masterclasses, it became very clear to me, that I want to share my knowledge with others. I am a certified specialist and a highly skilled Makeup Artist, successfully teaching my students how to create beauty for over 7 years now.

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Prior to my career specializing in hair extensions, I began my beauty journey by getting all of my technical education as a licensed cosmetologist. I am master certified in the art of hair extensions installation, specializing in 4 methods (Keratin Fusion,  Braidless Sew-in, Tape In, and I-tip applications). It is my greatest passion transforming my clients confidence and it is an honor to share that joy with my students.

In my class you won’t only learn proper application and removal with an integrity focused approach for client safety, but you will also be given tools to build a fulfilling career. From marketing advice to build your clientele, to all of my best tips and tricks, no rock will be left unturned. Hair extensions aren’t just one thing! While it is often used for adding length and volume, it can also be used to correct a bad haircut or add highlights and color changes without ever getting a chemical service done. This industry is so fulfilling and I’m eager to use my expertise to bring that joy into your life where you can have a booming career so that work never has to feel like work again.

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It has been 17 year as I have been working as an esthetician. I love and enjoy it. Making people look and feel good is emotionally rewarding for me. Five years ago I start teaching and I truly enjoy the process.

I feel so thrilled that I have the knowledge, experience and passion to share. Like we saying “Sharing is Caring”, I care about my clients and my students, I want them to be happy and successful. I am a true believer that you must stay up to date with what is going on in the industry you work in, in order to be at the top of your game.

I love to share my knowledge and help others. Being an esthetician is not only about giving treatments and teaching, it’s also about helping create a change in someone’s life.

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Asia Park began her journey as a professional make-up artist by pursuing a thorough technical education where she gained experience under some of the most legendary makeup gurus in the beauty and film industry, including 3-time Oscar winner Ve Neil and fashion week master April Love.

Upon graduation, she debuted her career at New York Fashion Week, where she was the youngest talent invited to participate. At that time, she realized she wanted to pursue a more nuanced passion within the makeup industry: cinematography and production.

After successfully completing Cinema Makeup School, she began working on set right away. You can see her portfolio in a variety of music videos such as Hoodie Allen, Issues, Crown of Empire, and many more. Her daring style can also be seen on the cover of Féroce Magazine’s October edition.

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Maria Kovalska was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, and got her bachelor degree in marketing. She moved to USA in 2015, when she was 19, to chase her dream, and then she found her dream job here. Maria became a lash lift and brows lamination specialist, and fell in love with what she did. She is also an esthetician and face massage specialist. “It is truly an awesome feeling when you make people beautiful and happy” she says. Maria loves her job, and think that it’s the most important thing in the life- to love what you do. That is one of the reasons she started to teach.

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My passion for hair and makeup up started at a young age and continued to grow as I styled my friends hair and did their makeup throughout high school and college. 

I continued my beauty journey by not only becoming a Professional Makeup Artist but mainly becoming Master Certified in the art of hair extensions installation. I specialize in 4 methods – Tape In, Braidless Sew-In, I-Tip applications, and Keratin Fusion.

It gives me the most joy to help transform my clients’ hair and see their excitement over their new look and I can’t wait to share that with my students.

In my class you will not only learn proper application and removal with a client focused approach for their safety, but you will also be given tools to build a fulfilling career. From marketing advise to build your career, to my best tips & tricks, you will be set for success. 

The beauty of this service is while often it is used for volume & length, it can be used to correct a bad haircut, or add highlights and color change without ever getting a chemical service done. I’m excited to share my hair extension expertise with you and help you create a career so fulfilling you find pure joy in helping clients everyday.

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Daniella Montelongo is a lash artist from LA with years of experience. After working many years being an operations coordinator with very little time for herself and family, she decided she wanted to stop working for someone else and become her own boss.

Daniella loves sharing her knowledge in a very interactive and fun way. in her class you will learn all the tools needed to build your dream lash business and jump-start your career from theory to tips and strategies for working through challenging situations.

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