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2 Day permanent make up


June 29, 2020 All Day

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique of applying pigmentation, generally to the eyebrows, lash lines and lips. It is a form of tattooing whereby pigment is deposited into the top layer of the skin. The most common forms of permanent makeup include:

  • Microblading: drawing fine hair-strokes on the brow line to create more well-defined eyebrows. The hair-strokes look natural and realistic – if the job is executed well, microblading looks just like natural brows that have been professionally shaped.
  • Eyeliner: pigment is added to the lash line to create definition and make the eyelashes appear longer or more voluminous.
  • Lip filler: Contouring is added to the edges of the lips to create definition, and the lips themselves are filled in with color. The intent is not for the individual to look as if they are permanently wearing lipstick, it is to create the appearance of a richer natural color.

Permanent makeup is not intended to fully replace regular makeup, although many people who undergo the procedures find that they can get away with light applications of makeup – in some cases, depending on where they are going, they can forego additional makeup altogether. The primary goal of permanent makeup is to provide the individual with a consistent foundation upon which they can create any look they like, without having to worry about time-consuming and skill-dependent tasks like eyebrow shaping and lip lining.