Multifunctional tool LASH SECRET


Lash Secret tool is your first assistant, designed to ensure an easy and comfortable performance. The tool has an L-shaped working surface, the main part of which is used for eyelash setting, while the tip is used for eyelash separation and arrangement on the surface of the shields. Due to the optimum sharpness of the tip is allows separating eyelashes effectively without damaging them.

Ergonomic handle helps to avoid hand fatigue, slipping, and does not affect the accuracy of your movements. Made of high quality steel and durable plastic, it will serve you for many years.

New!!! Thanks to the new comb attachment the instrument has acquired an additional function!  The attachnemt is used to remove traces of adhesive from the eyelashes for the most immaculate keratin lash lift.


How to use

  1. Гладкой поверхностью инструмента прижмите ресницы к щиткам, предварительно покрытым клеем, проведите до полного закрепления.
  2. Острым кончиком расположите ресницы на щитках параллельно друг другу.
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