Black Lashes Elite Anti-smooth line


Eyelashes for the most simple and quick extensions with the effect of the “anti-smooth line” without the use of size mixing schemes.

Volume eyelash extension with cluster effect and “torn” upper line effect. One cluster of lashes picked up from the strip consists of three different lash lengths arranged randomly. As a result, eyelash extension acquires a cute “torn” upper line effect, which makes it look more natural.

Instructions for use
1. Place a lash strip with required parameters on the lash pallet.

2. Pick up a lash with tweezers. If you are doing volume eyelash extension, pick up a few lashes at once and form a volume fan.

3. Dip the base of the lash/volume fan into adhesive and apply on the natural eyelash.


Size, mm 0,07 mm
(8,10,12) С/D
(9,11,13) C/D
SKU: re10

Additional information




C, D


8, 10, 12, 9, 11, 13

Pallet type

mixed size



Number of lines


Chemical properties

high elasticity, ductility, hypoallergenic, natural silky sheen

Monofiber grade

VIP PREMIUM CLASS – synthetic fiber

Country of origin

South Korea


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