Areola Reconstruction (Individual/Group Courses)

3,500.00$ 3,000.00$


Areola reconstruction
Areola reconstruction in 3D technique. This is the restoration of the nipple areola for women after plastic surgery and also for women breast cancer survived.

Areola reconstruction in 3D technique is known by many other names including: Tattoo nipple, Medical Tattoo, or Simulated areola of nipple.

The reconstruction of the areola using the 3D technique helps women to return to normal life, restoring the natural form of the areola. It is safe; it is not scaring; non-surgical and guaranteed long-lasting results. With our certified program, you will learn the following:

Areola restoration types
Features of working with areola nipple skin

• Contraindications to the service.
• Pigments and how to mix them.
• Methodology of the procedure.
• Technology of the procedure.
• Scars camouflage.
• Practice.
• Practice on latex.
• International certificate.


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