Biokeramide booster LASH SECRET


Biokeramide booster is designed to enhance and complete the effect of Botox Pro Cream. Its active in gredients fill in the space between the cuticular cells and strengthen cellular bonds. Ceramides restore and strengthen the lipid layer of eyelashes. Broccoli oil intensively nourishes eyelashes with vitaminsА, Е, С, К, calcium, potassium, iron, and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Biokeramide booster has a complex effect on eyelashes:

– intensively nourishes and restores eyelash structure;

– gives a silky sheen and creates an effect of inner radiance;

– coats every hair with a protective film that protects its structure and hair pigment from damage;

– stimulates synthesis of keratin, restores the lipid balance and protective functions of eyelashes, prevents eyelash dryness;

– guarantees a long-lasting tinting effect;

– absorbs fast without making eyelashes heavier.

As a result, even them ost fragile and damaged eyelashes literally come to life, including those affected by poor quality eyelash extension. Impressive result after the very first application!

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