Botox Pro Cream LASH SECRET



  • The container is not filled up completely, however the amount of product in it corresponds to what is indicated on the label.
  • The packaging has a vacuum system of product delivery and dosing that does not require a supply tube to the dispenser.
  • Do not open the container! The container is sealed and after its depressurization due to opening the shelf life of the product will be considerably reduced. Use a dispenser.



  • Using a microbrush apply a sufficient amount of the product on the entire length of eyelashes at an indent of 2-3 mm from the roots.


IMPORTANT: It is recommended to carry out the treatment using LASH SECRET solutions for keratin lash lift. In this case, BTX Pro Cream is applied after eyelash tinting and before application of the Solution №3.

  • Apply on eyelashes. Leave for 10 minutes.
  • Using a microbrush remove the product from eyelashes moving from roots to tips.
  • For a longer-lasting and brighter effect cover eyelashes with the Solution №3 for keratin lash lift by LASH SECRET.
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