Eye makeup remover LASH SECRET


Perfect makeup remover for eyelashes after keratin lash lift! Effectively removes dust, sebum, traces of mascara and eyeshadows, bacteria and fungal spores from eyelashes. This product is completely compatible with other Lash Secret products, hence it does not remove layers of pigment and solutions for keratin lash lift, maintaining the integrity of the effect.

Due to the abundance of nutrients, this makeup remover adds to the effect of keratin lash lift solutions and eyelash growth stimulators. Camellia extract, hydrolyzed almond oil, and a loading dose of vitamin E strengthen the internal structure of eyelashes, restore the cuticle and the protective lipid layer, and prevent destruction of eyelash elastin and keratin. Due to polyquaternium-10, the product creates a protective microfilm on the eyelashes that prevents their drying in hot air and burning out in the sun. As a result, eyelashes retain their natural sheen, color, fluffiness, and length.

Perfect choice for easy and safe homecare after keratin lash lift. May be additionally sold by artists to customers.


How to use
Place a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover on the eyes for a few seconds. Gently remove makeup moving towards the outer eye corner.

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