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Eyelash Extension Private classes



Eyelash Extension Private classes

Our best measure of success is how well our students do when they go out and apply the knowledge they gain when they’re with us. We keep our class sizes small so that everyone can get all of the individual attention they need to master all parts of the course.

We cover the theory behind lash extensions as well as the practical side. The backbone of the course is the practical work. People learn best by doing, and in our classes you will get to practice a variety of techniques under the guidance of our instructors, who themselves are renowned beauty technicians and makeup artists.

Health and safety is a number one concern for us: our goal is not only to teach you how to do the best lash extensions your clients have ever seen, but also for you to learn to do it with safety and hygiene in mind. Our classes cover health and sanitation guidelines and regulations, organizing your tools and workspace to enable you to work safely and efficiently, and creating a comfortable experience for your clients.

Like any artist learning a new craft, you need and deserve high quality tools. Our course fee includes all the equipment and materials you will need, such as:

Lash adhesive material
Lash primer
Eye patches
Fiber tape
Lash extension remover
Artificial lashes
Mascara wands
Microfiber brushes


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