Lashes Vivienne Elite Ultra Dark Brown (0,07-0,1)


These glossy and elastic lashes boast of the highest quality comparing to all other lashes on the market of eyelash extension supplies.

Ultra Light & Soft Lashes by Vivienne are made of the highest quality monofiber. These lashes have a very deep color from base to top and they are very elastic and light.

Single size trays are designed for experienced lash artists. You can buy the most popular sizes separately, or purchase the whole assortment of existing lash lengths.

These lashes are very comfortable to work with because they have a sticky base and it is easy to fix them on the Lash Tile or on the back of your hand. Thus, you will save a considerable amount of time!


Features: Elite series eyelashes, ultra dark brown, one size, 20 lines


Monofiber grade: synthetic fiber

Chemical properties: high elasticity, ductility, hypoallergenic, natural silky sheen

Country of origin: South Korea

Collection: Elite

Color: ultra dark brown

Pallet type: mixed size

Number of lines: 20

Storage regulations: avoid direct sunlight

Thickness: 0.07 / 0.10

Curl: D / C / L / L+

SKU: re05

Additional information


Ultra Dark Brown

Number of lines


Chemical properties

high elasticity, ductility, hypoallergenic, natural silky sheen

Monofiber grade

VIP PREMIUM CLASS – synthetic fiber

Country of origin

South Korea


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