Growth stimulant oil


The blend of Lash Secret oils for eyelash beauty and health and stimulation of their rapid growth!

The oil actively improves all the major aspects of eyelash growth. Every component is selected so as to complement and enhance the effect of the other ingredients.

– Ruccola oil awakens the “sleeping” follicles, activates eyelash growth, and gives eyelashes volume and density.

– Amaranth oil is a rich source of squalene. This substance not only protects eyelashes from ultraviolet radiation, fungi and bacteria, but also saturates the follicles with oxygen.

– Bay essential oil improves blood circulation and effectively supplies the follicles with nutrients.

– Nettle extract restores eyelash structure and stimulates the growth of new hairs.

– Provitamin A acts as a stimulator of the skin cell division and protects eyelashes from UV radiation.

– Vitamin E contributes to the protection: an excellent antioxidant that prevents oxidation of Omega-6 and an activator of the cellular nutrition.

– Vitamin C plays an important role as an activator of collagen synthesis and cellular respiration.

Easy-to-use and completely safe oil is ideal for home care.

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