Henna in capsules Henna Spa


A hit on the color!

Choose the most suitable shade for any color type among 10 shades of Henna Spa. This is a ready-made solution for eyebrow tinting. Each capsule contains 1 g of pigment, which is exactly how much you need for one procedure.

Henna stays on the skin for 14 days without fading or washing away.

We recommend mixing the henna with Aqua Henna Spa.

Choose shades with the maximum accuracy. We have prepared the list of Henna Spa shades for every color type.

For light and darkened blondes and light-brown hair: Caramel, Cappuccino, Vanilla.

For brown, dark-brown, and chestnut hair: Truffle, Lavazza, and Liberica.

For brunettes and dark-chestnut hair: Arabica, Brownie cake, Robusta.

Use Dark Chocolate shade for burning brunettes.

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