Hydrovitamin Booster LASH SECRET


Hydrovitamin booster ensures biological revitalization of eyelashes due to natural ingredients with high bioavailability. It restores the integrity of the cuticles cales and closes them making the eyelash shaft smooth and even.

It has moisture-retaining and protective properties, prevents eyelash dryness. The product improves metabolism, activates the “sleeping” eyelash follicles, saturates them with vitamins, oxygen, and moisture.

The product contains a wide range of active ingredients:

– Low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid and Hydroxypropyltrimonium Hyaluronate: easily accessible and resistant types of hyaluronic acid, a natural moisturizer for the eyelashes and skin;
– Vitamin С: stimulator of the collagen and elast in synthesis, improves eyelash condition and speed sup their growth, saturates eyelashes with oxygen;
– Vitamin В3: stimulates blood circulation, improves nutrition of the follicles and eyelid skin, stops abnormal eyelash loss and improves eyelash color;
– Lactic acid: improves penetration of other components deep into the eyelash structure, an excellent moisturizer.

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