Lotions 2,5 ml (tube)


Solution for keratin lash lift A/B/C Restart LASH SECRET (2,5 ml)


First step-Solution №А. This solution has 2 main goals:
1) open the cuticle in order to ensure penetration of all solutions into the eyelash cortex;
2) restructure and create new disulfide bonds in order to give eyelashes a new shape.

Second step-Solution №B. Second solution also has 2 goals:
1) neutralize рН of the first solution and slightly close the cuticle, which is ensured by pH-6,0;

2) form (activate) disulfide bridges again, thus restoring the original strength of the keratin molecule.

Final step-Solution №C. It is used at the end of the procedure, designed to deeply nourish and moisturize eyelashes, has regenerative and protective properties.


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