Lotions Strong 0,8 ml


Solutions for transport lifting “Strong”


Keratin lash lift Lash Secret Strong is a perfect solution for the most coarse and thick eyelashes. Due to a more flexible texture of solutions “Strong” they are more cost-effective and act 2 times faster than their “Restart” analogues.

Solution A from Lash Secret Strong series is designed for the 1 stage of the keratin lash lift – reconstruction – during which it:
– slightly opens the cuticle scales and simplifies penetration of the active ingredients into the eyelash structure;
– blocks interprotein disulfide bonds in order to make eyelashes more flexible before their arrangement on the shields;
– saturates hairs with a complex of 13 amino acids and restores keratin structures of eyelashes.

Unlike its analogue from Lash Secret Restart series, A “Strong” contains thioglycolic acid that enhances the blocking of disulfide bonds and softens more keratin structures.

Solution В from Lash Secret Strong series is designed for the 2 stage of the keratin lash lift – renovation – during which it:
– restores disulfide bonds that were blocked by the solution A and returns eyelashes their elasticity;
– sets amino acids and other nutrients in the keratin fibers of eyelashes;
– sets the curl;
– slightly closes the cuticle scales;
– protects eyelash structure before tinting and improves the bond between the pigment and the cuticle after tinting.

Same as solution В from Lash Secret Restart series, action of solution “Strong” is due to the strongest cation-anion bonds between the polymers (polyquaternium-10) and the eyelash keratin, which reliably set nutrients inside the eyelash structure and increase its volume.

Solution С from Lash Secret Strong series is designed for the final step of the keratin lash lift – recovery. This product:
– intensively nourishes and deeply moisturizes eyelashes;
– restores natural рН of eyelashes, enhances color radiance and deepness after tinting;
– increases eyelash volume by 38%,
– activates the “sleeping” follicles, speeds up eyelash growth and recovery;
– completely closes the cuticle scales, sets the strengthened structure and the curl;
– keratinizes and covers eyelashes with a protective layer.

The selection of active ingredients in the solution is customized for coarse eyelashes and differs from its analogue in Lash Secret Restart series.


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