Multifunctional tool for laminating eyelashes “MAGIC WAND” LASH SECRET


“MAGIC WAND” multitool

Would you like to have a magic wand that would do keratin lash lift instead of you? Well, you have found it! It’s “MAGIC WAND” multitool!

MAGIC WAND not only guarantees excellent precision but also reduces the time you spend on eyelash arrangement to just a few seconds. The hook end is designed for separating eyelashes during the keratin lash lift. The flat end allows fixing eyelashes on the shields fast and unsticking them after the procedure.


How to use

  1. Using the flat end, press eyelashes against the shileds covered with adhesive, repeat until completely fixed.
  2. Using the sharp end, arrange eyelashes on the shileds parallel to each other.
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