Professional Cleansing Mousse LASH SECRET


Cleansing mousse before keratin lash lift LASH SECRET (150 ml)

Lash Secret cleansing mousse creates the best conditions for uniform application of the keratin lash lift solutions and their most effective action. The Mousse removes all kinds of impurities from the eyelashes: dust, skin secretions, makeup, and bacteria. Also, it gently and completely safely removes the upper layer of deasd skin cells from the eyelashes. As a result, during the first stage of keratin lash lift, eyelashes obediently copy the shape of the shields without damaging their structure.

Does not contain alcohol, solvents, SLES, SLS, silicones, parabens, therefore it maintains the natural pH of eyelashes and without making them heavier. Suitable for sensitive eyelashes.

The formula contains chamomile extract, birch juice, panthenol, and allantoin that soothe eyelid skin and eye mucosa.


How to use

Apply a small amount of mousse on wet eyelashes and eyelid skin, distribute over the entire surface of eyelashes with gentle massage movements, rinse thoroughly with running water. For the ultimate cleansing effect use a special brush.

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