Protective Serum


Lash Secret serum sets the effect of Lash Secret keratin lash lift, prevents the loss of nutrients, strengthens and nourishes eyelashes, and protects them from harmful environmental factors.

As a result, the keratin lash lift effect lasts much longer and eyelashes acquire an extra volume.

The serum covers eyelashes with 4 different types of protective layers:

– Hyaluronic acid: prevents eyelash dryness and brittleness, moisturizes, gives flexibility and radiance.

– Panthenol creates an antibacterial, regenerating, and moisturizing layer.

– Silk proteins prevent the loss of nutrients and give eyelashes a noble brilliance.

– Chitos an prevents eyelash dryness and protects them from bacteria. Due to the electrostatic features of the molecule, it forms the most durable layer.

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