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Some of the Reviews

“Extremely Knowledgeable”

This studio is amazing. All of the professionals are extremely knowledgeable and attentive. The owner, Alena, is hands-on with the clients and has an amazing ability to match shapes and colors with each individual and is very respectful and kind. The prices are super competitive and well worth it! I highly recommend this place!

Julia L.
Los Angeles, CA

“Best Microblading Shop”

I researched countless hours on the Web for the BEST microblading shop in the Los Angeles area, and inevitably stumbled across PrettyWomanSchool. I decided to schedule an appointment with Alena Man, and she is the eyebrows QUEEN. Immediately, she eased my tension of receiving first-time permanent makeup; she curiously chatted with me to determine the eyebrow shape that I desired and the perfect shape for my face. After 2 hours, I was absolutely in awe with my brand new, precisely poised, full and luscious brows! Thank you!!!

Kristi N.
Los Angeles, CA

“Master at Craft”

PrettyWomanSchool is the place to go if you are thinking of microblading. Alena is a master at her craft. She took the time to define the brows that would work with my face and I was very impressed with how much attention she paid to every little detail. The process was quick, simple and pain-free. Not to mention I just love my new eyebrows. I highly recommend them!

Irene M.
Palo Alto, CA


Best place in Los Angeles if you want perfect brows!! I am an Actress so my face and eyebrows are very important and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Alena Man and the students are perfectionists and care about the outcome of every single eyebrow! They really make sure you are happy with how your brows look throughout the entire process. The procedure was relatively painless and they heal beautifully. I highly recommend anyone in search of the perfect brows to come here! Thank you!

Masha T.
Los Angeles, CA

“More than 15 Years Experience”

I traveled from San Francisco to get microblading training with PrettyWomanSchool Academy. It took me almost one year to make a decision because I needed to be sure I would be trained by the best. PrettyWomanSchool is one of the only schools that offer 3-day training courses and the owner has more than 15 years of experience. I need to write this review because it has surpassed my expectations. The school is amazing and the staff is so friendly and professional all at the same time.

Heidi O.
San Francisco, CA

“Fantastic Staff”

I recently came here for a Microblading course and I am SO happy I did! I read all of PrettyWomanSchool reviews and now I’m here to give them another 5-star post! Fantastic staff. Everyone is knowledgeable and friendly and great at what they do. Alena is the eyebrow master!!! I would advise anyone thinking of taking the course to attend their training and anyone who is considering cosmetic make up to come here for treatment! BIG thank you and shout out to Alena Man and all of PrettyWomanSchooly staff for teaching me how to be a great Microblade artist!

Isabella J.
Lost Angeles, CA

“Relaxing Environment”

I am one of her students from San Diego. The class experience was great. They provide a nice clean and relaxing environment for students and clients. The students are from many different places. Alena Man is an amazing instructor and trainer. She is very patient, efficient, knowledgeable and professional. People are friendly and show respect for each other. The instructor and trainer are very supportive even after completion of the course. I am glad that I came to this class. I’ve learned so much from them 🙂

Maria V.
San Diego, CA