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What If Microblading Went Wrong?

Oh crap. Your client has messed up eyebrows and it can be for a number of reasons. The first reason could be that it is completely your fault which happens so you don’t really want to tell them because once they see them in the mirror this may be a

Microblading Training Online. 5 Things You Need To Know.

You prepared yourself for a lucrative career in makeup artistry by becoming a microblading artist. Yes, there is a pandemic occurring but there is still a possibility for you to make a lasting impression with new microblading clients by taking this online course. In this online course (and hopefully soon

10 Reasons To Become a Microblading Artist

When it comes to beauty, we will do all that they can for our clients to help them achieve the most beautiful set of eyebrows without the daily task of doing it themselves. Granted we love that our clients come in once a week for small ticket eyebrow services such