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What If Microblading Went Wrong?

Oh crap. Your client has messed up eyebrows and it can be for a number of reasons. The first reason could be that it is completely your fault which happens so you don’t really want to tell them because once they see them in the mirror this may be a bad review and non-paying client. That’s number one reason to find a great school to get certified as Microblading technician. The second reason could be because before coming to you they went to someone who had a great deal on a deal-seeking website. The deal-seeking website gave the microblading artist a 60% great review however your clients became the 40% unhappy client which is how she ended up with you. The third reason is that they volunteered to be a model and now they are fully regretting it. en there could be a number of other reasons so before this happens and you can see that it almost happened to a few of your clients, here are a few tips on what you should do should a mishap occur.

Do not freak out. Mistakes happen and sometimes they are unavoidable, but whatever you do stay calm. Clients can sense when something is wrong and they can sense if you are confident enough to admit it and fix the mistake asap.
The color is totally off. Your clients eyebrows have healed but the color is incorrect. If they are too red, brown, or blue then remember that the eyebrow can always be lightened to remove the discoloration or removed almost complemented. The new pigment can be deposited into the skin thus correcting the error.
Uneven brows. The face is asymmetrical and the eyebrows may have come out uneven as well. Remeasure the eyebrows with the tools and little by little fix the imperfections by microblading specific areas until the brows are symmetrical.
Faded too quickly. This can happen for a number of reasons, but the main one would be that the pigment was not deposited deep enough. Have the client come back for another session and be sure that the pigment does penetrate the skin.
It’s way too dark. Sometimes the client wants brows that are darker than their normal brow hair and other times they want eyebrows that match a hair color that they no longer have after getting microblading done. When this happens use the laser tool for removal of the pigment. If it’s too light simply add more pigment.

There are many mishaps that can occur when it comes to microblading but these are the most common. Practice these tips and try not to avoid mistakes such as these. Remember that you are the professional and the clients look to you for both guidance and for fixing. Completing a great training with the best instructors is the key of providing a great service to your clients, check our schedule to keep up with the knowledge level you deserve to have to stand out in beauty industry.

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